Kittywood Beat- What's Hot in LPSO!

Play CONNECT 4 with a friend! – October 18, 2010


Join in the checker dropping fun in LPSO by playing the new multiplayer game, CONNECT 4. Look on the map for the Connect 4 icon in Kittywood or play over by the Humble Pie Shop in Waggington. Grab a friend and start playing now!

Bark 'n Boo is Back! - October 14, 2010


Bark 'n Boo is back in Waggington and more fun than ever! Dress up your pet in your favorite costume and join the other pets down in Waggington for some SPOOK-tacular fun! Rummage in pumpkins to find loads of candy and creep on over to the Creaky Cabin in Waggington Square for a batty surprise! The pets are looking forward to seeing you there!

Sassy Steps is Now Open! - July 27, 2010

Put on your dancing shoes and chachaCHA on down to Sassy Steps! Visit me, Harmony, and get your groove on by taking my new dance challenge! You can find my newly opened dance studio in Kittywood, between Sparklynn’s Gem Swap and the Wheel of Games. See you there!

PETS ON PARADE! - July 24, 2010

Check out all of the exciting LPSO characters on the newest Float of the Week! Mudelaine, Felina, Bree and some of your other favorite pets make this festive float tons of fun!
Be a designer and make your own custom float at!

PETS ON PARADE!- May 27, 2010

From skateboards, to tire swings, to slides, the LITTLEST PET SHOP pets are celebrating the new season in this playground parade!

Build the ultimate play set for your pets at!

Spring has Sprung in Waggington!- May 20, 2010

Hey, Kitty-Cat! I love splashin’ in the puddles when I visit Waggington! Go have a romp, it is meow-valous!

Also, remember to sniff the flowers, they are purrfectly delightful this time of year. Come join me and my friends, we can't wait to see you in LPSO!

New Games in Kittywood!- May 20, 2010

Two super fun new games hit Kittywood this month. Visit Sparklynn’s Gem Swap for fast-paced, jewel-linking action! In this game, you’ll help Sparklynn create the prettiest accessories by matching colored gems against the timer. Then make your way to the beach! Guppy’s new game, Whale Surfin’, tests your balance by staying on top of a rolling beach ball. The longer you stay on top, the more Kibble Coins you will earn. Come play in Kittywood today!

FLOAT OF THE WEEK- May 13, 2010

It’s a packed house on today’s float! Can you count how many pets have come to show off in this furry fiesta?

See how many pets you can parade at!

Springtime is Coming!- May 6. 2010

Soon Waggington will be blooming with flowers! Once the snow melts, the whole island will be covered in blossoming trees, fun puddles to splash in, and colorful new flowers. Be sure to shake the tree in the center of town for  fantastic rewards!

FLOAT OF THE WEEK- April 29, 2010

Float of the Week

It’s an LPSO party on the Pets on Parade Float of the Week!  Joining the adorable Felina and Woolma, the newly available Sparklynn Stone brings some extra zazzle to the float with her glamorous style.

Make your float glisten by adding Sparklynn at!

Dress like the Best- April 22, 2010

Woolma O'Chic

Hey there, if you are looking for the latest fashions, stop by my stylish new shop in Kittywood, the Woolly Couture.  Pick up the adorable new Chic Shirt and Fabulous Glasses to dress your pet like a star!

FLOAT OF THE WEEK- April 15, 2010

Pets on Parade

The only thing sweeter than the LITTLEST PET SHOP pets is the dessert-filled float they are riding, and this one looks yummy enough to eat!

See if your float can serve up the perfect combination of sassy and sweet at

NEW! Check out the Kittywood Beat- April 8, 2010


The premiere issue of Kittywood Beat is available now in LPSO!  This in-game magazine gives you the scoop on what’s hot in LPSO including game tips, a featured player’s pet faves, and more.

FLOAT OF THE WEEK- April 1, 2010

Pets on Parade

Woolma O’Chic is the star of today’s FLOAT OF THE WEEK! She shows off her sassy-style splendidly by confidently riding on the adorable LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends Nintendo DS™!

Add Woolma to your float, and join the parade at!

Grab Your Camera!- March 26, 2010

Scenic Safari

See if you can snap the cutest pictures of your pets in Scenic Safari.  Find Scenic Safari near Woolly Couture in Kittywood to play this game!  Check out this adorable photo

FLOAT OF THE WEEK- March 26,2010

Float of the Week

Today’s FLOAT OF THE WEEK is super colorful and features our very own Felina! She looks purrfectly adorable surrounded by her farm-yard friends!

Join the parade at to create your very own float!

PETS ON PARADE!- March 1, 2010


Check out the LITTLEST PET SHOP Online Pets riding on floats in their very own parade!
When you go to the PETS ON PARADE website, you can watch a the parade, create and decorate your very own floats, vote on photos and send e-cards to your friends and family.

Join the parade at in February and add Felina to your float!

Take a Ride on Guppy to KITTYWOOD!- January 25, 2010


LPSO has opened the dock to KITTYWOOD, a glitzy and glamorous new neighborhood.  After I take you on a fun ride and drop you off at the KITTYWOOD dock you can explore trendy shops, meet new characters, play fun, new games like Fashion Nation or try your luck at the Wheel of Games.  C’mon, I am waiting for you!

The Twinkling Lights Festival is Coming!- December 1, 2009

Santa Felina

When the frost rolls in, it’s Twinkling Lights Festival time! Felina has once again planned an amazing event to welcome winter to Waggington! You can find presents, eat yummy treats, dress your pet up in festive and fashionable clothing, and much more. Come back to soon to join the fun!


Join LPSO's Bark 'n' Boo Costume Bash!- October 15, 2009


Waggington is absolutely spookytacular this time of year! A world full of pumpkin fun, bobbing for apples, and adorable dressed up pets are waiting for you! Check it out! Go on a search for very special LPSO pumpkins that when "sniffed" may give you a trick or a treat! We can't wait to see your pet dressed up in their Halloween costume. Come on, join the fun!

LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends is now available for Nintendo DS and Wii!- October 15, 2009


Grab your best friend and join the pet party of the year! With the new LITTLEST PET SHOP Friends, you can explore towns, deliver invitations, serve up ice cream, and style your pets to be ready for the ultimate party. As you adventure, you will collect all-new exclusive pets and design your own personalized accessories. You may even have a surprise guest show up! Learn more at

Happy Celebration Day!- September 1, 2009

Mudelaine Sugar-Snout

FINALLY it's time to open up the gates and meet you all. I have been waiting furever! I am so excited for you to come in and play with all of my friends living here in LPSO. There is so much to do and so many friends for you to meet- you might want to start exploring right away! As you start out on your adventure, don't forget to chat and make friends with other pets along the way. They can help guide you to the sweetest places to visit. Also, be sure to check out all the shops to keep your pets well fed, stylish, and comfy cozy!

Art Kraftworthy

Art Kraftworthy

Hey everybody, the name’s Art Kraftworthy, and it sure is good to meet you! I run a shop here in this great lil town of Waggington called “Sticks and Stones Craft Store”, where you can fulfill all of your craftin’ needs. Say, if you need some supplies for makin something pretty around the house, I can surely fix you up! Boy, talkin’s got me mighty hungry; you wouldn’t have any tasty snacks on you now would you? Anywho, if you’re ever in town, make sure you drop on by to say hello to me and my friends; we sure would love your company! Bye now!

Barkley Wetnose

Barkley Wetnose

Well look who has come to visit me, my biggest fans! ...WHAT? You don’t know who I am? You must be new to Waggington then. My name is Barkley Wetnose and I’m the host of the TV talk show here in Wagginton. It’s really the best show in town. Working in a TV studio is the quickest way to become famous I’ll have you know, and it’s something I have first-hand experience with. Ask Art, Mudelaine or Nutasha and they’ll tell you how well-known I am. Alright, if you insist, I’ll give you some autographs; they’ll be quite valuable some day you know. Well I must get back to my adoring fans, ta-ta for now and make sure you tell everyone you hung out with a celebrity!

Mudelaine Sugar-Snout

Mudelaine Sugar-Snout

Hey there friend, come on in to my bakery and grab yourself a couple treats, you look like you could use some food in your belly. My name’s Mudelaine Sugar-Snout, and my job here in Waggington is to keep the pets pampered with delicious baked goods for their homes. Eat I say! You have to try my muffins and eat up. You need to eat up so you have lots of energy for exploring! Anyways, as I was saying, if you’re ever craving something sweet or just want to chat, stop on by my bakery and make sure to fill your tummy before you leave.

Nutasha Oakleaf

Nutasha Oakleaf

Hi! Have we met before? You look familiar… Oh well, in case you forgot, my name’s Nutasha Oakleaf, and I run…the umm…Oh right, the candy shop! I run the candy shop. What kind of candy? All kinds…come by and see for yourself! What was your name again? Oh right. Well while you’re in Waggington, make sure to say hello to my other friends, Art, Mudelaine, and that famous dog, whose name I always forget. I hope to see you soon! Now where did I put those chocolate bars… Updated!


We’re very excited to have launched the new website! On you can meet the pets who live in the LITTLEST PET SHOP ONLINE, check out screenshots of gameplay and download free stuff! We’ll be showing exclusive videos and gameplay footage in our About the Game section, and there will be surprises around every corner!

The New Pet Times Launches!


The New Pet Times is your source for all the news and happenings in LITTLEST PET SHOP ONLINE.! Also, special pet guest reporters stop by to share a joke, tell about new stuff in the world, and much more. We’ve got tons more fun in store in the future so check back often for more updates!

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